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The waste

Recycling is the greenest way to use waste. The waste issue is one of the most important problems facing humanity. The disposal, processing and management of waste is a problem in many places. However, in addition to landfilling and incineration, recycling is a way of processing the waste that accumulates, which is not a burden but a sustainability for our environment.

A sustainable environment and waste are too valuable to just cover the earth with spent human products. So we need to find alternative solutions to reuse it. Our company, Nikom Ltd, has chosen this path as a committed flagship for environmental protection and we provide environmentally friendly solutions for the production of our products, protecting the environment by recycling SIC based waste.

Our company therefore specialises in the recycling of SiC waste. These wastes can be generated in the ceramics industry, in the production of refractories, in the automotive industry during the production of DPF filters and in the production of semiconductors.

Our authorisation for use includes the code and maximum quantities of waste accepted for processing.

The recycling process

The recycling process is mainly determined by the physical and chemical form of the SiC waste generated (powder, lumpy, wet, etc., actual SiC content). Depending on this, the waste is transformed into a product of the quality required by our customers through a process of heat treatment, crushing and sorting.

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Receipt of waste

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Waste dumping

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Raw material preparation

The finished product

Silicon carbide is an inorganic compound of silicon. Crystals used for industrial purposes are usually black in colour. It is a very hard material, almost as hard as diamond. After processing, it becomes the raw material for many of our customers’ products. The compound forms an atomic lattice with 4 silicon atoms attached to each carbon atom and 4 carbon atoms attached to each silicon atom.

Due to its high hardness, silicon carbide is used as an abrasive powder and as a refractory and ceramic raw material.

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Fine powder particle

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Coarse powder particles

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