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The title of the project is:

"The project 2020-1.1.1-KKV-START-2021-00395 was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, National Research Development and Innovation Fund, under the SME START INNOVATION (2020-1.1.1-KKV START) programme."

Description of the project

Information: the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, through the National Research,

Development and Innovation Office (DIA), (NRDI Office)

announced the SME START INNOVATION project. 2020-1.1.1-KKV-START-

Our application for aid 2021-00395 is for the period 2021. 28 May. 18 725 756 HUF, i.e. eighteen million seven hundred and twenty-five thousand seven hundred and fifty-six

The implementation of the technology development project started in September 2021 and is currently ongoing.

The aim of the project is to recycle waste containing silicon carbide microparticles to produce a secondary SiC microparticle product, taking into account global aspects, energy savings and reduction of pollutant emissions.

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